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Traces on my skin


Shanghai, 2016. Four Chinese college graduates are brought together through an art

project: Xi Roulan, an artist who invites strangers to her home. Qian Kecheng, a freelance

illustrator who thrives on the freedom the megacity has to offer. Jiang Bo, a graphic

designer, looking for steady employment. Cheng Minxian, a young woman working at

one of the city’s most renown event agencies, while living with her parents.

While eager for life experience they yearn to lift their careers off the ground.

Unified by their passion for life and self-determination, they long for an escape from


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

As an art project, Una Xi invites strangers to her home to take polaroid photographs of them. Her focus lies on the individuality of each body and the perception of it. What makes it special? Birthmarks? Scars? Is it attractive? Repulsive? What happens to us when we reveal it to a complete stranger? Which memories and experiences are melded to particular body parts? Practically everyone has looked at their reflection and asked themselves these questions. The film portrays the lives of four young adults, coming to term with themselves and life in the vast metropolis, with Una Xi’s art project as the premise.

The four protagonists allowed us to have intimate insight into their lives. Their search for individuality and the need to be perceived by the world touched me deeply and is a topic which stretches across generations, cultures and continents. 

Directed by: 
Stefanie Klemm
Writing credits: 
Stefanie Klemm
Xi Ruolan, Qian Kecheng, Jiang Bo, Cheng Minxian
Produced by: 
Lucie Bader, Yunlon SOng, Fang Fang
Music by: 
Tom Gibbons
Cinematography by: 
Tom Gibbons
Film Editing by: 
Stefanie Klemm
Production Management: 
Liu Yuejia
Release Date: 
Thursday, July 13, 2017
Total votes: 12723