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Time Stopper


A time stopper has the ability to control nearly everything in the physical world until he falls in love with his neighbor. He deludes himself into believing that she loves him and satisfies his obsession of possesing her through sexual intercourse at the most exotic place. He can manipulate time but he can never manipulate her hear. Love that is so close and yet unattainable brings out the darkest side of a person. His glamorous power earns him nothing but cultivates his despairs, loneliness and jealousy. His act endangers her life while leaving a murdering case for a detective to solve. Now all he wants is to restore her life.

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Information for the Audience: 

Time Stopper is a Sci-Fi action short film that explores the idea of love and time. Love that is so close and yet so unattainable can bring out the darkest and deepest demon of a person. The original idea of the film starts with the scene where a time stopper removes all the cars from a highway to deliver his dying girlfriend to the hospital. He must then return the position of all thngs that he moved before he can resume time or else slightest change in movement of any obect can change the course of history. One of the gretest challenges of writing the script is to keep the story moving forward when everything else is stopped. When I started to write the script, the first thing that I could relate to is Cast Away. One actor performs the entire film when time is stopped but this idea has been explored many times and it is difficult to keep audience interest. So I limited the time stopping scenes to a minimum and start adding other elements and characters to the story, such as a detective going after an uncatchable time stopper. A lot of details on the rules of time stopping were taken out of the short film but I insists on keeping the vulgar and illicit thoughts of the time stopper as well as the tragic part of possessing such power. In the film, Michael has the ability to make love to the girl that he loves or kill the person that he hates but at the end of the day he has no one to share his joy or sadness with.

Screenings / Awards: 

Fresh Wave International Film Festival 2010

Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2012

DC APA Film Festival 2011

New Filmmkers New York 202


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