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Prince Zoe arrived from the United States Of America after many years of studies and begin his crusade against corruption in Africa. He came back to his village the OtomBo Kingdom Somewhere in Africa where he was born. Not forgotten his roots nor his traditional culture. Prince Zoe holds a doctorate degree in environmental science studies.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Bumba Ibrahim
Producers: Bobby Valantino Zoe
Key cast: Emmett Tumbay,Vanessa Serwah Kumar,Bobby Valantino Zoe,Alphonso Agogo Wesseh ,Gifty Lawson ,Jonny Carl Hacks,Raymond Zeon Kaye,Wendy Brown,Magrette Parjibo,Jenet Mulubah ,Thomas Goka,Paaa Moses ,Ellen Sirlef ,Belinda Ntiful,Richard Lionel Owusu ,Michael Nuku,Kwasi Demanya,Richard Bonny Arthur ,Samuel Agyetey Akrong,Nelikem B. Ahademey,Fyma Agrippa,Afiba NaNa Aba Mensima,Ellywhimsical Edrola Rlly (Lion),Cilla Moore ,Benedicta Elorm Akegie,Benshedia S. Weah,Victor Onii,Prince Dennis ,Tony Hans,Katarina BIBIČ Erzen ,Dan Mensah,Willemina Gbeh Armah,Nelson Yanken Davies ,Angel Morgan,Ryan Obediah Myers ,Okonkwo Joseph ,James Richmond Mcgee,Abigail O. Abel,NaNa Akua,Gideon Duah,Jasmine Sorta ,Emmanuel Adams,Simila Darko

Total votes: 208

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