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March 11th 2011, the biggest earthquake in 1,000 years hit Japan. Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Power Plant, the chaos of information - Japan had to deal with all those that they have never experienced before. Journalist Daisuke Tsuda visited disaster area more than 40 times, spreading the information by his unique way, using twitter, USTREAM, various social media networks. People who lost their families, lost their lifelines, their houses, everything was drawn by Tsunami. Lots of problems are found during interviewing people who are all dealing with these difficult issues. This documentary was shot in 2012, 11 month after the quake, visiting same people again, driving up north from Tokyo to Aomori. Then Tsuda founds... The real Japan in 2012 through one journalist eyes.gathering the little voice from the ordinary people. This is the 2015 Re-editing version


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Directors: Yuichi , Hiroki Writers: Producers: Daisuke Key cast:

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