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That's E


A coming of age comedy about a young man in his final years of college that returns home to Worcester, Massachusetts and to his old job working at a local comic book shop, That's Entertainment, for the summer. He runs into old friends, new problems, and finds out its the perfect place to reevaluate what he really wants out of life.

Information for the Audience: 
I am thrilled to finally be able to submit my film “That’s E” for consideration for your festival. Defying all odds, and going against standard protocol, this film was completed as independent as you possibly can be these days. Completely self funded by maxed out credit cards, this film is a beautiful example of just how old school independent you can truly be, and a reminder of what passion fueled dreams of highly dedicated, and talented people, can do.
Location is a big part in any story, and it almost seems like the small town of Worcester, Massachusetts is so unique, that the characters that came out of it, are one of a kind. I wanted to make something fun and interesting but at the same time be able to explore these different characters who may be from different parts of the same town, but are unified and come together in a realistic way for something as simple as a job. Seeing how these lifelike (and real life inspired) characters mingled together, all while exploring the common problem of anxiety that plagues many people, was something that meshed together all too well, and made for a great story.
Personally, the best films I’ve always enjoyed, are the ones that leave you reminiscing about something after you were done watching it. Whether that would be old friends, high school days, or that first girl who made you feel something special. It was important to try and capture those rare and beautiful feelings where viewers could relate to any one of the characters up on the screen, and completely bring back a feeling that maybe they thought had disappeared forever. Regardless of age, there is something inside for everyone, and I invite you to check out a film that broke the common standards for truly independent filmmaking, and one that tells a noteworthy story.


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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-08-13 Shooting format: Digital Aspect ratio: 2.35 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 76659