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Tara - A journey into identity, gender, art and noise


A documentary that interweaves identity, gender, art and the musical subgenre- noise. The film traces Tara’s transformation from Marc, One Man Nation, to Tara Transitory through intimate interviews with those impacted by her decision to move towards the feminine spectrum, as well as those inspired by her.
Against the backdrop of Tara Transitory's artistic collaborations and conversations with those who exist on the peripheries and accentuated by the feral energy of these unique and original performances, the film challenges viewers to critically evaluate their positions and opinions on identity and society.
Filmed in 15 cities from Asia to Europe, Tara explores the challenging journey of individuals who persist with their innate drive to be true to themselves against societal norms.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Harry Chew
Writers: Harry Chew; Tara Tarnsitory
Producers: Harry Chew
Key cast: Tara Transitory

Total votes: 921

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