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Tables of Istanbul


Tables of Istanbul captures the personal story of Zeynep Kılıç – a sociologist, immigrant, and passionate cook exploring food cultures in Istanbul (a.k.a. eating her way through the bustling city). The documentary investigates Turkish cuisine, Istanbul’s place within it, and food movements through conversations with chefs, restaurateurs, researchers, food writers, activists and families.


English subtitle: 


Screenings / Awards: 


1. IndieFest Film Awards, Award of Recognition (July 2016), USA

2. Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, Award of Recognition – Cultural Feature (November 2016), USA

3. Canadian Diversity Film Festival, Winner – Best Documentary (Nov 2016), Canada

4. The Taste Awards, Winner – Viewers Choice Award, Best Feature Length Film or Documentary (February 2017), USA

5. Ladies First International Film Festival, Winner – Best Voice Over (May 2017), Ireland

6. Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, Winner - Gold Award (June 2017), USA

7. Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike, Winner – Best Documentary (June 2017) (Finalist, Jan 2018 London Festival), UK  


Gold Movie Awards (London, Jan 2018)

Madrid Int. Film Fest.  (July 2017)

Vancouver Turkish Film Fest. (June 2017)

Lady's First Int. Film fest. (Ireland, May 2017)

Universe Multicultural Film Fest (LA, April 2017)

Beloit Int. Film Fest. (Feb 2017)

Delhi Int. Film Fest. (Dec 2016)

Canadian Diversity Film Fest. (Nov 2016)

Seattle Turkish Film Fest (Nov 2016)

Amsterdam Lift-Off Online Film Fest. (Oct 2016)

Village of Brewster Film fest (Sept. 2016)


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Director/Executive Producer/Script Writer: Zeynep Kılıç
Director of Photography: Demir Efe

Editing Director: Sevgi Taylan

Cameraman: Kamil Satır
Camera Assistant: İsa Aydın
Audio/ Editing/Color Correction: Görkem Koç
Lighting: Utku Mete
Production Assistant: Evin Aslan
Music/Mixing: Serkan Sönmezocak
Production/Postproduction: Garaj Film

Graphic Design: Hakan Arslan

© Aylak LLC


Directed by: 
Zeynep Kilic
Writing credits: 
Zeynep Kilic
Produced by: 
Zeynep Kilic
Music by: 
Serkan Sonmezocak
Cinematography by: 
Demir Efe
Film Editing by: 
Sevgi Taylan, Gorkem Koc
Release Date: 
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Official website:
Total votes: 2057