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Survivor’s Guilt


“Survivor’s Guilt”

Genre: Thriller drama


A conscience-stricken veteran attends a veterans support group in which two of its members plan their suicide, while one, plots to kill them all.


SHEENA reunites with her comrades, REX and ASH, at a therapy group that leads LYNCH. The three soldiers returned after eight months of imprisonment in the ISIS camp, led by HAFIZ. Rex lives in the park as a homeless, and Ash fights for his daughter, who is in a coma.

Sheena finds out that her daughter RUBY has a brain tumor, and sees how far Lynch’s authority goes when a hospital refuses to treat Ruby because the army froze her health care insurance. At their meetings with Lynch, the three veterans hide what they did in ISIS hands and, at the same time, fight each other, afraid of the truth. Sheena earns money with illegal fights that she leaves Ash’s daughter in the hospital, while Lynch ignores Sheena’s pleads to free her health care for Ruby. Ash finds out about plans to send his comatose daughter to a low-level public hospital and threatens Rex and Sheena to keep their mouths shut about what happened in Syria.

Sheena and Ash end up in an illegal fight, which Sheena abandons and confronts her nightmare, Hafiz, alive and in the USA. Hafiz kidnaped Ruby and wants that Sheena commits suicide, live and online. With Rex and Ash’s help, Sheena frees Ruby and captures the next leader of ISIS. Ruby gets her operation and visits Ash’s daughter, who is on their way to recovery.

Written by: Zvonko Leskovar,


Information for the Audience: 

Writer: Zvonko Leskovar

Directed by: Lance Kawas

Directed by: 
Lance Kawas
Writing credits: 
Zvonko Leskovar
Total votes: 338

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