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Sugar Cube


Present days in Vienna, in a general practice doctor waiting room, an 83 years old man starts a causal talk with the 7 years old Ingvord, who accompanies his pregnant mother. The conversation turns into "interrogation" of the old man. The innocent curiosity of Ingvord forces him to recall his childhood memories from the last year of World War II, when he has lost his parents and unborn sister during the bombing of the city. The old man tells Ingvord of a folk tale he was told by his mother, whereby he had to leave a sugar cube on the outside of the window, if he had wanted to have a smaller sister.
A couple of months later they accidentally meet again in the park. The old man learns from Ingvord that he has followed the ritual and has finally got little baby sister. A sister, the old man never had.


13 Pages


Information for the Audience: 

Writers: Radoslav Stoyanov
Key cast:

Total votes: 612

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