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Study is a psychological thriller drama film, which follows a psychology student in the last week before his final exam, discovering his life and exploring his mind. Starting on Monday, in the middle of his room, the student tries to study surrounded by his past and his present, obsessed by the concept of life and death, and tortured by the eternal struggle between science and religion. Each day is a distinct representation of how the student’s behavior can be influenced by interpersonal relationships and subsequently by society. His consciousness is revealed through a combination of memories, emotions and motivations in a six-day span, while one day is entirely focused on his unconscious cognitive processes. As the days go by, unexpected characters and situations interfere with the student, turning what was meant to be a regular week of study into a complete nightmare.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Paolo Benetazzo
Writers: Paolo Benetazzo
Producers: Paolo Benetazzo
Key cast: Paolo Benetazzo

Screenings / Awards: 
Total votes: 2607

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