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The story of the friends


the film is about the dream of immigration at egypt , a lot of guys feel not happy boring not important complaining from similar days and standing still in their small circle of the friends and activities , the daily life to these guys became not interesting not important its became the most important thing to waste time , all the guys at the movie are work and earn money but still have problems and confusions about their future with Self-realization and not enjoying the life


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Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Writers: Producers: Key cast: mahmoud yossry

Screenings / Awards: 

coloumbia gorge international film festival 2015
indian cine film festival 2015
hamburg arab film festival 2015
silicon valley african film festival2015
mount vernon film festival 2015
ukranian international film festival 2015
african international film festival 2015
delhi international short film festival 2015
cinephile international film festival 2015

award: best documentary student category indiancine film festival 2015


Total votes: 3497

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