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Stolen Path (English Scott)


Stolen Path is set amidst the idyllic landscape of the Croatian countryside in the early twentieth century. Based on a true story, it follows Victoria as she matures from a spoiled privileged young girl to a woman who follows her heart. As she chooses her future, her life shatters in a tragic and unexpected way.


But the story behind the story is even more fascinating. Where others her age would be several years into retirement, Goldie took on the challenge of making a movie - for the very first time. Drawing on her cast and crew, Goldie embarked on a filming adventure in the gorgeous countryside of modern day Croatia.

"I read the original story when I was young, before my family moved to Canada. It was such a beautiful, delicate love story that I never could forget it", said Goldie.

Over the years she wrote the screen play and waited for the right moment. It takes persistance to put tohgether a film like this and it would have all fallen apart wiothout the never-sa-die attitude of Goldie and her team.

"I know I am in the twilight of my years, 69 to be exact, but I refused to let tht stop me", said the diminutive grandmother, whose granddaughter Daniela also stars in the film. "To noty only actually make the film but share the adventure with my granddaughter is more special than I can put into words".

Let this be a testament to people of my generation that we can and should follow up on all our dreams.

Thank you.


Goldie Smitlener

Information for the Audience: 

Young and old, we all know that in life what really matters the most is LOVE. Love for one another. To be loved and to love. This what this story is about. About love that was not have supposed to have happened.

Screenings / Awards: 

Accepted so far into two on line festivals. 

Accepted at Jehlum short and long festival.
Information for theatres: 

This movie will be enjoyed by those who had loved and lost.

By those who hope for that great love.

Since we all need love, the movie will be enjoyed by everyone.


This is a movie by first time film maker, a 69 year old grandmother with no prior experience in the movie industry.

Aspect ratio: 1:85:1

Color - yes

Frame rate: 23:98

Resolution: 3996:2160

Total votes: 76228