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Disabled bodies always have obstacles to find place in the life circulation. WHY??? Because the society has two different conceptions ; “ Abled bodies “ and “ Disabled bodies”. Unfortunately the abled bodies act as if they are helping the disabled people but these helps do not touch the soul , do not hug the disabled people and do not treat them equal just as human beings. High donations, free wheelchair supplies, remembering them only in special weeks…etc. That’s not what the disabled people of the society deserve.


However the abled bodies ignore the fact that if a human being aims something success is inevitable. It does not matter if you are on the wheelchair or not. But unfortunately, in business life mostly in all sectors, the disabled people are not treated as equally as the abled ones. Especially when it comes to the screen,because of the  current public perceptions of actors and actresses in films, priority is mostly given to visual beauty.



Even in films about disabled people the major roles are being played by beautiful and famous actors/actresses not talented disabled people. The message the film producers give is; “ We want to shoot a film about the obstacles of disabled people2s life  we are concerned about you.But  you stay away and just watch the film. You can be talented but the visual beauty and being famous is my priority


There are examples of films where disabled people had roles but not too many. Especially in long-length feature films there are  no examples of having the whole key cast from the disabled people.



STEP BY STEP Film is the first Turkish Film in which all of the main characters are disabled bodies. In this film, major and minor roles are being played by, and many film crew roles filled by talented folks with physical disabilities. Our film include real life  stories from the lives of four disabled persons.The film ends with a powerful display of art and dance, emphasizing the value of persons without regard to one’s physical status. We want to Show that those with physical disabilities can also bring visual beauty and excitement to the screen.Some abled body actors/ actresses also had roles in our film That was our struggle to show he whole World that abled and disabled bodies are equal and life should treat them equal.

This film was a great experience for all of us. All our disabled characters’s performances in Step by Step was their first as  major actors/actreeses  in the film sector. The same condition was valid for our director also.It is his first experience of a long-length feature film.

The shooting, post-production..etc. all the stages of our film were full of obstacles and we really struggled a lot especially for rising the required budget. The aim of our film is not earning money , not achieving high profit , our target is to change the perception of the society . We found partners .Our main partner is İZDESK Sports Club,İZDESK is a non profit organization (NGO) of disabled people .Then contracts for cooperation have been signed by the City of Buca Municipality  (Izmir) , Gaziemir Municipality (izmir)  and the IZDESK Sports Club. In addition with these partners lots of volunteer people helped us , lots of companies made donations.



We deeply believe in our heart that this film will open the doors for disabled people and draw the attention on these people and abled bodies will start to question themselves about their approach and perception on the disabled people. May be we will be an example for other prodfucers , directors in the whole world and the number of films like ours will start to increase. We just declared the whole world that  DISABLED PEOPLE ARE OUR REALITY WE CANNOT NEGLECT THEM.



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