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Director’s statement

Wang is a female director from a small industrial city in China. She was raised in a family where violence consistently happens, which develops her objection to patriarchal society. The inspiration of this movie comes from her life experience. Wang’s father likes to sacrifice other’s interests to achieve whatever he thinks is right for the family, which is what the character Damon does in the movie. Wang’s mother robeys to her husband, but she also has her bottom line, who is the prototype of the character Stella.

Many women have always had to fight against abusive relationships and this situation is underrepresented in film. It's important to see women fight back as our heroine decides to do. Wang wants to represent female who live at the edge of the society and do not give up fighting for what they deserve .

Screenings / Awards: 
Silver Award recipient in the 2017 Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards. No screening.
Directed by: 
Kunlin Wang
Writing credits: 
Kunlin Wang Stella Zhou
Katrina Nelson David Veach Sofia Checchi Maria Lingbananl MorgOn Delamarr
Produced by: 
Xia Huang
Music by: 
Enguang Zhao
Cinematography by: 
Youchen Miao
Film Editing by: 
Jing Han
Production Design by: 
Tayler Nicholson
Costume Design by: 
Jackie Palacios
Makeup Department: 
Michael Cypher
Production Management: 
Jinxiang Guan
Release Date: 
Monday, March 13, 2017
Total votes: 1882

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