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Soovisi Vivarana


Ganithasara is a teacher of traditional art form. Among his students, a young girl Jayanee is outstanding both in singing and dancing. She naturally becomes his favourite pupil. The strong bond between Ganithasara and Jayanee stirs suspicion and jealousy in the heart of Punnee, Ganithasara's wife who is now past her prime... Punnee also happens to be a serious asthma patient. Jayani being chooosen for the lead role in "Soovisi Vivarana" , Ganithasara's dance presentation of a classical theme, further aggregates Punnee's hostility. Ganithasara is compelled to hand over this star role to his envious wife. However, on the night of the actual show Ganithasara (and everyone) is dazzled by the brilliant performance put on by a determined Punnee. Husband and wife reminisce deep into the night, going over romantic events in their past. Punne is in the full glow of triumph. The next day dawns to unfold a shockingly tragedy. Punnee has succumbed to extreme exhaustion and consequent worsening of her ailment in the chilly night. Ganithasara is distraught. HIs wife is dead. His favorite pupil is gone. The dance class have ceased. Time passes, quite by accident, Ganaithasara meets Jayanee. They pick up the threads of life. The dance classes have resumed with renewed vigour. Now the student and the teacher are ever closer. jayanee confronts Ganithasara and challeneges him to be more open about his obsession. She offers to become his wife. He reacts aggressively and chases her away as the traditional constraints are standards that he holds in high esteem. Ganithasara is now completely lost between two worlds -- his passionate feelings for his pupil, and the inherited code of conduct which he is unwilling to abandon.

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Directors: Sarath Dharmasiri Writers: Sarath Dharmasiri Producers: VIsion Link Media Key cast: Jayalath Manorathna, Indika Upamali, Chandani Senevirathna, Damitha Abeyrathna, Prof. Mudiyanse Dissanayake


Screenings / Awards: 

Best Film - SAARC FIlm Festival 2014

Best Director - SAARC Film Festival 2014

Best Actor - Bioscope Film Festival New Delhi 2014

Best Film - Cinema Of Tommorow Category - Derana Film Festival 2016

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Student project: No Completion date: 2014-05-01 Shooting format: 35mm Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 7619