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A young girl Sonja wants to become an artist but feels herself reserved in her own world. She can't draw a painting because she is hesitant and uncertain about her talent. One day she goes to a city park. There she meets an old artist who catches her attention by drawing a landscape. Sonja wishes to know more about his talent, so she joins the conversation with him. An artist advicesher to search for inspiration in surrounding world. She realizes that surrounding world is really beautiful and sounds like music of soul. She wants to share her feelings with a friend then but finds out that they are too different and they don't understand each other due to different point of view. So she began to feel lost. She returns to that place, where she found an old artist, but he already escaped. She decides to express her feelings by drawing a painting. Suddenly, she finds out that she can only draw in her dreams.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Directed by: Olga Savkina

Writer: Olga Savkina

Cast and crew: Sofia Ketova, Yuri Zhilin, Marjasha Ismagilova

Screenings / Awards: 

Best Studet Film at Creation International Film Festival in 2016.

Information for theatres: 

Student project: yes

Completion date: February 2016

First-time filmmaker: yes


Directed by: 
Olga Savkina
Writing credits: 
Olga Savkina
Sofia Ketova, Yuri Zhilin, Marjasha Ismagilova
Produced by: 
Olga Savkina, Aleksey Siman
Music by: 
Joonas Alvre, Johanna Vahermägi
Cinematography by: 
Aleksey Siman
Film Editing by: 
Aleksey Siman
Casting by: 
Galina Siman
Production Design by: 
Aleksey Siman
Art Direction by: 
Olga Savkina
Set Decoration by: 
Tallinna Kunstikool Mamo Kohvik (Café)
Costume Design by: 
Olga Savkina
Makeup Department: 
Jana Udalova
Production Management: 
Olga Savkina
Other crew: 
Choreography by Jaroslav Galitski Painting by Sasha Rezvaja
Release Date: 
Sunday, August 27, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 7733