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Sitar and Ganges River

The short film has documented the transformational journey to the far-off India of the Chinese guitar player Lee, who went there to learn sitar. The story of finding and learning sitar is a documentary that gives us a brief insight into India, shares the shots of Indian life, lets us enjoy sitar music and see the traditions and customs of Indian society, glimpses into poverty and the history of India, full of hardships but also full of vitality. At the end of the short film we can see the traditional Indian night worship at the Ganges; through the director’s eyes we can see this stunning ceremony. This film reflects on the spirituality, humanity, our world and the world beyond.


English subtitle: 


Screenings / Awards: 
2017,09,20 "Finalist" for 2nd Annual ,Singapore Independent Film Festival
2017,10     "Finalist"for  Calcutta International Cult Film Festival
Directed by: 
Music by: 
G_lee,Prostar band
Release Date: 
Monday, November 6, 2017
Total votes: 851

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