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The Sisters Plotz


The Sisters Plotz is a frothy musical romp inside the world of three eccentric heiresses: Dada poetess Celestia, manic inventor Ladybug, and dreamy painter Whimsellica. The sisters live in New York City with their darling butler, Reginald. Hilarity ensues when they must outwit a snooping gossip columnist, a councilwoman set on turning the Plotz home into a carousel, and two scheming maids who plan to steal the ladies' riches and bet everything at the track. The film is a loving nod to old Hollywood as seen through a camp indie lens. Imagine Grey Gardens directed by John Waters and choreographed by Busby Berkeley!


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Lisa Hammer
Writers: Lisa Ferber (written by, Story by and Lyrics by), Lisa Hammer (Story by)
Producers: Lisa Ferber, Lisa Hammer, Eve Plumb, Levi Wilson
Key cast: Eve Plumb, Allen Lewis RIckman, Yelena Shmulenson, Lisa Hammer, Lisa ferber, Aryn Elaine Cole, Mario Corry, Lori Hammel, Levi Wilson, Chris O'Leary, Melissa Patterson, Katie Gilbert, Stephen Winter

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