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Sissy's dream


The story is about Sissy, a blind and sweet little girl, who dreams to fly free up in the sky astride her dog.


Information for the Audience: 

Produced by: Fabrizio Gammardella & Valentino Ruggiero.
Directed by: Fabrizio Gammardella.
Screenplay: Fabrizio Gammardella; Francesca Marinelli.
Storyboard: Francesca Marinelli; Lucio Coppa.
Character design & 2d Lead animator: Francesca Marinelli.
2d Animators: Lucio Coppa; Linda Kelvink.
Layout & Backgrounds: Veronica Spinoni.
Visual effects: Valentino Ruggiero.
Sound design & Editing: Fabrizio Gammardella.
Music by: Ricky Valadez.
Special thanks: Angela Salzano (Sissy's voice).

Screenings / Awards: 

- Official Selection at "South London Shorts 2016".

- Official Selection at "Raptor Filmz 2016 - Short Scottish film festival".

- Official Selection at "Los Angeles Cine Fest 2016".

- Finalist at "Tally short film festival 2016". Tallahassee, Florida (United States). 

- Finalist at "Borgo in corto 2015". (Italy).

Total votes: 1847

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