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A Singularity


A philosophical hit man unravels on the job.



Information for the Audience: 

This film was shot across four states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  It explores the meaning of "presence" in our lives as we follow a hit man in pursuit of his target.

Screenings / Awards: 

Action On Film Festival - Best Short Short

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards - Best Sound Design

Alameda International Film Festival

Pacific Coast International Short Film Festival

Roswell Film Festival

Plaza Classic Film Festival

First Friday Film Festival

Film Society of Little Rock - Good Things Small Packages

Short Shorts Film Festival

Shortz! Film Festival

New York Film Screenings


Directed by: 
Jackson Ridd
Writing credits: 
Kirk Ryde
Kirk Ryde - The Killer Ivan Aguilar - The Mark
Produced by: 
Kirk Ryde
Cinematography by: 
Jackson Ridd
Film Editing by: 
Jackson Ridd
Production Management: 
Kirk Ryde
Release Date: 
Thursday, February 4, 2016
Official sites:
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