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Signos de artista/Signs of an artist



Signs of the artist is a short experimental group derived from a device inspired by Lacanian posters, under the artistic experimentation Project "reincarnations". Faced with an issue of common interest, participants explored from its own feature and interrogation by means of one or more artistic productions. Supposed moments of meetings and conversations that led and moved, and offering findings impacting own special production of the project. 
For Peirce the sign is what represents something for someone. For Lacan, Seminar Even after (1972-1973), is written letter. The sign is an x, does not communicate any message, it is not on the side of significance. However, the effects of enjoyment force the subject to eternal return of the sign, which impacts the body resonance. There is a hidden meaning in the letter is read but impossible. However, the artist, say Proust, who can give something of his inner world, some of his secret, to be shown and even revealed. 

Toti Reynaud, Tachuela, Laura Hart, Mariana Martinez Otín and Mario Dante Araniti are Argentine artists living in the province of Mendoza. Over several months of work were summoned by Gabriela Nafissi to work from this device with the ultimate goal of making a sample called "Signs. Gestural exploration, visual arts and music" and performed at the winery Monteviejo, located in Tunuyán, in the province of Mendoza. 

"Signs" realizes an exploratory process of these five artists in their divergence, uniqueness and own stylistic, not without the presence of the brand, registration, which acts as a footprint in the sand, and that despite erased, delimited in Leather living each resonance space. Transiting an area of ​​sensitivity that is about the writing on the body rather than spoken. Traces which become lines in the visual, musical, sign language, as the way to manifest. There is a desert of the real for each one, and the know-how to do something with that, different. 

The short film "Signs of the Artist" is a subjective report of the Director on the effects of speech, and the productions of each artist in his journey with the sign. Five shorts films about what that makes signs on each artist and, and how Arts is a tao, a path, a journey and a unique production. 

Then, they will exhibit one by one these stories. 

Short 1 
The short one is called: 
"The Secrets of the Sun" Artist Tachuela 
It consists of a rock garden made on the outside of the winery. Use granite of various shapes and sizes. Tachuela chooses one by one the rocks on which then works in a binary system carved, has also used the braille on other occasions. The work realizes his exploration of the sign from the visual arts and particularly since the secret inscription on the stone approach, encrypting something of silence and stillness. 

Short 2 
"The edge of the stars" Artist Laura Hart 
Laura Hart performed a scan from the visual arts with different artistic productions. He presented a series of tapestries called " Signs and Marks," an ephemeral mural inside the winery made with paper tapes and installation opencast "Water´s eyes, Lookouts Stars" inspired by natural bowls which forms by the work of nature, collect rainwater and the ancients used to see the passage of the stars. 
Cutout on artistic production director Laura realizes that kind of framework, that edge is shaped eyes water, and some of his works as the tapestry "Star" to investigate the question of the existence , one's relationship with others, the relationship with the Cosmos. 
Short 3 
"Barco Nut" Artist Toti Reynaud 
The artist Toti Reynaud investigates the sign from two production which included the completion of the series of sculptures "The ships of the desert" (performed in mixed media) and the series of UDU-DRUMS percussion instruments of African origin who use the vacuum to produce sound. 
The tour of the artist in his exploration, realizes the void as a sign of love to go as a hollow thread throughout his work. 
Sand seas crossed by boat on the trail which delimits an area cleared and resonance; winds and pounding caught in ceramic effect the bond of love come alive. 

Short 4 
First Blow 
Mario Dante Araniti musician, presents his tour with the sign from the musical exploration through an exercise in deconstruction of rhythms on drums from the first blow, that S1, which gives rise to the silence from the first sound. 
Short 5 

"Waves". Artist Mariana Martinez Otín 
The artist Mariana Martinez Otín who habitually uses, Argentina Signs Language to communicate, makes this time his exploration from another language, the gestures. Choose the sea as a partner, investigates the body, the movement of the waves, their incessant buzz. Repetition and something in the order of surprise, which makes a question, and introduces novelty in the way of playing from a dance gestures of the waves with their own music.


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Experimental project "Reincarnations" co-produced with Bodega Monteviejo


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