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signals: where do we go from here?


Our daily rituals are haunted by absence. SIGNALS: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? imagines our private ghosts interrupting those routines. Do we hear their signals or are we too absorbed in the monotony of motion to notice?


Information for the Audience: 
Director's Statement: Ghosts have always fascinated me and in the past few years, my work has become about death, loss and haunting. Whether ghosts are real can be debated - and everyone has an opinion or a story- but hauntings plague us all. We carry loss, regret and even public traumas within us. Horror films reference the uncanny, or 'the familiar made strange'. Daily routines are so ingrained in our psyche, that we lose sight of our surroundings and even ourselves. They create uncanniness. When something breaks our routine it piques our attention and renders the environment otherworldly and slightly off-kilter. 
SIGNALS: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? is a visual poem about the intrusion of a haunting presence into the settings where we operate on auto-pilot. Maybe the routine hypnotizes us, making us susceptible to our unconscious fears. The hypnotizing effects of ritual can also prevent us from registering new sensations. What will you notice on your way home?
Director Bio: Shayna Connelly’s work explores hauntings, grief and mourning and the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Her early work screened at Heaven Gallery, The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis. Her most recent work has screened at CIMMfest, Reel Shorts, Big Muddy Film Festival, Columbus International Film Festival and Athens International Film and Video Festival. She is in post-production on a narrative short ‘Quiver’, slated for release in fall 2017. Newcity Magazine named her one of Chicago's 50 Screen Gems of 2016. 
Screenings / Awards: 

North Portland Unknown curated online exhibit selection (January 2017)

London International Film Festival | World International Film Festival (pre-selected for 2017)

Berlin Experimental Film Festival (Decembe r2016)

Experimental Forum – Honorable Mention (November 2016)

London Experimental Film Festival (October 2016)

UFVA Conference Selection (August 2016)

Amarcord Arthouse Television and Video Festival (July 2016)

Nonplussed Film Festival (June 2016)

Blacklight Film Series: Anywhere But Here/ Sediment Gallery (February 2016)

South London Shorts Festival: Movement (January 2016)

Oak Cliff Film Festival Cinema 16 selection (June 2015)

Athens International Film and Video Festival (April 2015)

Big Muddy Film Festival (February 2015)

Magikal Charm Video Festival – Award for Magical Realism (January 2015)

Information for theatres: 

Note: the film is listed as being in English without subtitles, however the film contains no dialogue. It is a heavily sound-designed film and I recommend listening with headphones when viewing the online screener. 

TRT: 5 minutes 

Shooting format: HD; 16:9: 5.1 surround

Not a first time filmmaker. 

Not a student film. 

Directed by: 
Shayna Connelly
Writing credits: 
Shayna Connelly
Produced by: 
Shayna Connelly
Cinematography by: 
Seth Ekberg
Film Editing by: 
Shayna Connelly
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 3, 2015
Total votes: 2015