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A British superhero short film by Angelica Louise, Starring Jay Sentrosi and Isaac Sosanya

A young boy from London with supernatural powers tries to hide his abilities from the world but when he see's Liam and his crew are up to no good he can't help but intervene. He falls in love with Liam's girlfriend, Cassie and has to decide whether he will embrace his ability or disown it. You see a hoodie, I see a Hero..

A film based hoodie culture in Britain and the perceived inability for British youth to make the right decisions.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Angelica Bagot, Richard Kattah
Writers: Angelica Bagot
Producers: Angelica Bagot
Key cast: Jay Sentrosi, Isaac Sosanya, Angelica Louise Bagot, Jack Smith

Total votes: 2475

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