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Seven Days After My Death


about the film:
1, There is only one staff member in the film, All the work about this film is done by Li Bin who is 21 yeas old.
2, All the rolls in this film acted by non-professional actors.
3, This film is almost happen in a house, tells the story of a pair of couples want to divorce but received the news of their son's death, the son’s soul back to home to accompany their parents for seven days, experienced, despair, anger, tolerance, beneficence, loneliness, confession, hope,get out of predicament together. The film uses the soul perspective to tell the story, the camera is the son's eyes.

Famous novelist Thaumas (TaoTao) in order to become famous by hook or by crook, he was diagnosed with AIDS one day, In the year one because of some reasons he break off the relations with his parents,one day, Parents who are trying to divorce received the news of TaoTao’s death. The soul of the Tao Tao returned home, discovered that in several of his visitor, His tutor(sex addicts),schoolmate( drug trafficking homosexuality ),friend(transgender) are related to his death, who killed TaoTao? What's the secret of his past?

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: li bin
Writers: li bin
Producers: li bin
Key cast: li bin

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