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To The Sea


Adem is a fisherman who is living in an old coastal village house with his sick brother Yunus and Yunus’s wife Emine. Adem and Emine taking care of Yunus who writhing in the grip of a deadly disease. Doctor Hamit’s needles relieves the growing pain of Yunus. A long bedridden disease of Yunus led to the flourishing of new feelings between Emine and Adem. İn the rare moments that Yunus regain consciousness, his only desire is to go fishing with his brother. They decided to go to seven mouth of the stream with the advice of an unexpected visitor Hafiye Ana. This journey will leave Adem and Emine in the middle of a decision whom do not want Yunus to suffer more.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: ufuk çavuş Writers: ufuk çavuş Producers: hamit özonur Key cast: Hakan Karsak, Nilay Erdönmez, Gökhan Onuş, Sedat Kalkavan, Aysan Sümercan, Serdar Bordanacı

Total votes: 1110

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