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Satan's bastard


The film is about the passion of a young village girl in 1943-44 in Transcarpathia torn off Hungary.
The main character of the film, Eszter Tóth, raped by five Russian soldiers, give birth to a baby : the bastard of the satan…
Our film shows the vibrations of the wounded soul of a woman, who under the pressure of the history is reaching the point of loathing , hatred and the point when she wants to annihilate herself and to kill.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Dezső Zsigmond
Writers: Zoltán Mihály Nagy , Géza Balogh, Dezső Zsigmond
Producers: Sándor Buglya, Dezső Zsigmond
Key cast: Viktória Tarpai, Zsolt Trill, Nelli Szűcs, Anna Györgyi, Fruzsina Pregitzer

Total votes: 452

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