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safranbolu through at the time


Safranbolu Through Time pays homage to our late professor Suha Arin. 42 years ago we had shot the first film of our careers together as assistant directors under his mentorship. The film was set in Safranbolu and was called Safranboluda Zaman, meaning “Reflections of Time: Safranbolu”
That first movie had an impact not only on us but also on the people, both locals of Safranbolu and others in Turkey were made aware of the lesser-known yet fascinating history of the city. This national recognition led to an international acclaim when Safranbolu was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All those years later we came back to that place, now as established directors where everything started to honor our deceased professor, to celebrate our careers and to once more show reverence to that astonishing city.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: kemal sevimli, nesli çölgeçen, yalçın yelence
Writers: kemal sevimli, nesli çölgeçen, yalçın yelence
Producers: safranbolu kültür ve turizm vakfı
Key cast:

Total votes: 523

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