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The Russian Room is an unfolding drama set in NYC - Newark tying the past to the present hopes and dreams of a Russian Jewish two immigrant families who own a Russian Bathhouse. It centers around one of the sons, Daniel Reznick, who is forced to return to his family's business after his family's past catches up to them.







50 minutes


Information for the Audience: 

The Russian-American story has not been told and many families immigranted to the USA, espeically NYC in the 1980s. This tells the story of these families who have succeeded in acheiving the Amreican Dream, but at what cost to the generations after?

Directed by: 
Ante Novakovic
Writing credits: 
Brian Chiusano Dmitry Shapiro
Yanina Studilina ... Anielka Gonzalo Vargas ... Daniel Ruslan Verkhovsky ... Maxim Nikolai Tsankov ... Vlad John D. Alexander ... Pavel Kresh Novakovic ... Kostya James Biberi ... Ivan Reginald L. Barnes ... Tariq Ellen Michelle Monohan ... Josephine Vitali Baganov ... Sasha Aleksandra Myrna ... Katerina Vincent Yacovelli ... Young Daniel Stephen Sayegh ... Young Maxim Chris Tardio ... Nathan Carson Coughlin ... Jason Stefaniya Makarova ... Marina Richard Miletic ... Telly Daniel Danielson ... Councilman Bell Samantha Opitz Socialite art buyer Nik Pjeternikaj ... Viktor Peter Reznikoff ... Jack Fallon Maressa ... Art Gallery Patron Paul Bonar ... Baltic man 2 Sergio Delavicci ... Mini T. Henri Falconi ... Doctor Katya Faleeva ... Punk Girl Jen Emma Hertel ... Nurse Fady Kerko ... The cook Louis Scarano ... Yuri Spike Polite ... Punk Guy Mark Warchol ... Guardian Angel Josephine Webb ... Councilwoman Johnson John Menchion ... Councilman McCollin Ilya Marve ... Banker art buyer Alexandra Madera ... Kostya's Girl David Arshavsky ... Guard Michael Waldron Baltic man 1
Produced by: 
Jen Emma Hertel
Music by: 
Sam O'Sullivan
Cinematography by: 
Brendan Kyle Cochrane
Film Editing by: 
Pete Talamo
Casting by: 
Juliet Echo Productions
Costume Design by: 
Stacey Jordan
Makeup Department: 
Fallon Maressa
Production Management: 
James Jones
Release Date: 
Friday, December 22, 2017
Total votes: 864

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