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“Roulette”, a short film of the genre psychological thriller and romance. This film blended the psychological aspect of Bangladeshi culture and the concepts of subcontinent with that of the Western/European cultural values. The story encircles around a couple in a conjugal relationship; Siddartho and Sabatini have been married to each other for some time now after having lived together for a couple of years. Their love affair has been the conventional Hollywood-style of sweet, full of care kind of love with some instances of low-key moments here and there. These feelings continued for days into their married life, which however slowly started to change and ended with a reality that is not conventional.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Mr. Mueed is a television journalist residing in Bangladesh. He also happens to be a Film school graduate from the University of Dhaka. His passion in life is to touch the hearts of people through audio visual media and his storytelling. He is a very compassionate person who loves to write, travel and experience life with all kinds of people in his surroundings. He want to tell his story and experience and allow his digital lens to do all the talking. 
"Roulette" is his first film of any kind and he wants to make many more in the future.

Directed by: 
Mohammad Samiul Mueed
Writing credits: 
Director Mohammad Samiul Mueed Writer Mohammad Samiul Mueed Producer Md. Luthfur Rahman Sayeda Sultana Cast Homayra Himu Faizur Milton Art Director Nubia Nurain Khan Art Direction Team Shaolin Haque Md. Shawon Akhter Saurov Sketch and Visualization Tareque Hasan Production Manager Debraz Deb Assistant Production Manager Arafat Hossain Mallick Sound Nahid Masud Music Rassel Rahaman Film Editor & Colorist Salauddin Babu Cinematography Md. Abid Mallick Casting Director Salauddin Al Mamun Assistant Director Hemal Khan Al Amin Rakib Tonoy Subtitle Syed Mustyen Quader Special Thanks Haider Rizvi Dr. Abu Jafar Md. Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan Imran Hossian Razib Ahsan Shekh Md. Abdul Gaffar Rakib Ahmd baabu Khijir Hayat khan
Cast Homayra Himu Faizur Milton
Produced by: 
Md. Luthfur Rahman Sayeda Sultana
Music by: 
Rassel Rahaman
Cinematography by: 
Md. Abid Mallick
Film Editing by: 
Salauddin Babu
Art Direction by: 
Nubia Nurain Khan
Set Decoration by: 
Nubia Nurain Khan
Production Management: 
Debraj Deb
Release Date: 
Friday, December 16, 2016
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