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A world-weary cowboy performs his ritualistic preparation for a monumental battle. He exits his barn and steps into the wilderness. A wild black bull struts in the hot summer sun with a deep sense of foreboding. The cowboy surveys the landscape instinctively sensing the presence of the giant beast he is about to face. As the bull and the cowboy meet face-to-face in the field, we have the ultimate battle upon us. It’s man versus beast, who will be the victor?

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Directors Vision

"I wanted to make an epic, one that is imbued with mythology. I wanted it to have something larger than life about it, a certain flamboyance, and tragedy often found in great opera. With that in mind and my love of the Leone Dollar trilogy it’s a small leap to arrive at the story for Rodeo King. Here we have the archetypal man, an all American cowboy, the mythological hero readying himself to face and battle with nature’s mythological beast. It’s primal; it’s dramatic but also incredibly surreal. The realism of whether this situation has or would ever occur is irrelevant. What matters is that we feel we are seeing an epic, we can all empathise with the struggles and simple pleasures of the narrator. We have all had days where we just feel weary of it all, tired of constantly fighting the rat-race, and yet completely ready to push on to tomorrow. Sometimes all it takes is for that little grey cloud to cross the sun and we’re once more warmed, comforted by natures rays. The tragedy of the piece lies in the reveal at the end. We realise that we’re not so far removed from nature’s beasts after all; in fact we are one and the same. I wrote the script some four to five years ago during a particularly challenging time for myself. I am the cowboy, I am the are we all." 

Jason Julien-Connage



Screenings / Awards: 

Los Angeles World International Film Festival. BEST ACTION MOVIE AWARD GRAND JURY WINNER 2016



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First time filmmaker from London, UK. Filmed in Spain with a mixture of UK and Spanish crew.




Country of Origin……..UK

Camera……………..…Red Epic Dragon 6k

Lens……………………Arri Ultra Prime Carl Zeiss

Cinema should screen in scope 1:22:39

·      Shooting over a weekend, 2 days in Ronda, South Spain.

·      One of the lead protagonists in the film is a Bull. He is named Rondeño. This is also his first film. The bull was born at the same time the script was completed 5 years ago.

·      The music is original and composed by brilliant Spanish composer Pascal Chahin. In order to better direct the composer for the song he had in his mind, Julien-Connage researched the London Symphony Orchestra on YouTube, listening to each individual instrument to decide what to use in the score.

·      The costume is handmade by costume designer Elizabeth Glass. In order to get the worn, rugged look for the film Elizabeth took a blowtorch to it.

Rodeo King is a short film inspired by the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. It tells the story of a world-weary cowboy preparing to battle a mighty enigmatic bull. The story is an allegorical one with a unique twist at the end.

This is the debut film from actor/writer/director Jason Julien-Connage. Production was made up of a UK and Spanish based crew and it was filmed over two days in Ronda, the south of Spain in April 2016.

Directed by: 
Jason Julien-Connage
Writing credits: 
Jason Julien-Connage
Rondeño Jeff Mash Michael J.Cook
Produced by: 
Jason Julien-Connage
Music by: 
Pascal Chahin Vocals by Patricia Ferro Olmedo
Cinematography by: 
Claudio Cadman
Film Editing by: 
Jonathan Stow
Art Direction by: 
Jason Julien-Connage
Set Decoration by: 
Alberto Pereira
Costume Design by: 
Elizabeth Glass
Makeup Department: 
Lena Tanevska
Production Management: 
Alberto Pereira
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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