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The ribbon on the Kite


The Ribbon on the Kite Synopsis:
Daerik, an army veteran, returns to his hometown after being discharged from the military. Now homeless and suffering from severe PTSD, he tries to drown out the painful memories of a mission in Afghanistan where his men where killed.
In the meantime, Rebecca, a very young girl, attempts to find her brother who suddenly disappears after the war in Afghanistan. Rebecca, on her birthday, habitually goes to the park, where once she and her brother used to play as kids, and honors his memory. The same day, Rebecca sees a homeless man, and an inner urge to help brings her to him the next day. When Rebecca finds the homeless man living on the river bank, she realizes that it is her lost brother Daerik.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Gianlorenzo Albertini
Writers: Gianlorenzo Albertini, Aric Coppola
Producers: Gianlorenzo Albertini
Key cast:

Total votes: 342

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