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"Reina de corazones" ("queen of hearts")


The Cooperative AR/TV Trans is a theater cooperative composed of transvestites and trans people who seeks to make visible, through art, themes relating to identity, vindicating their gaze, telling and sharing their experiences and realities; by putting the body and voice.

The Cooperative began as a workplace to dignify the viewpoint of the transvestites in Argentina.

Daniel Ruiz, the cooperative´s founder is the voice that narrates this story that intersect solidarity, willpower and fighting in order not to give to injustice and the obstacles that arise for being part of the transgender world.


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In March 2014 a friend proposed me to continue with theater classes of the 
“Cooperativa Ar/Tv Trans”.  
Once enthusiastically I accept the proposal, beginning to give theater classes 4 
hours a week to a group of ten trans girls. Through theater, we begin to know each 
other, knowing their worlds , their stories and their struggle to belong and be 
accepted in society. I realized that living on the margins unfairly and felt the 
urgent need to show, through the tools I know , their lives .
A lot of travestities living on prostitution , because they are not included and 
they are rejected when they deliver a CV , or when going to a job interview . 

The “Cooperativa Ar/Tv Trans”, the way not only as actrees but also as people. 
In the group a place of containment . They say that in the cooperative feel without 
the mask , without makeup. And by my side I want people to know these profiles.


Guillermo Bergandi - filmmaker, "Reina de corazones" (Queen of hearts)

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