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Real Hollywood


Real Hollywood is the epic tale of two brothers, Frits and Trev, who move to Hollywood to become famous Movie Stars. Based on fictitiously true events, the brothers build an elite entourage of starving actors, half-Asians, and people that happened to be around. They navigate racist talent agencies, audition for porn and debase themselves in whatever way necessary to make it in the Real Hollywood.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Asian American brothers, Remington and Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman, grew up in Santa Cruz, California and moved to Los Angeles to persue a career in acting. They wrote, directed and starred in Real Hollywood. This is the pilot episode of an 11 episode first season that can be watched on YouTube. Some of the events in the series are loosely based on actual events that the brothers encountered while working in film and television in LA.

Directed by: 
Remington and Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman
Writing credits: 
Remington and Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman
Remington Hoffman, Forrest Hoffman, Cassandra Yberra, Travis Babcock, Elena Milinauskyte, Simon Ekbäck Nordstrom.
Produced by: 
Gintare Urbutyte
Music by: 
Simon Mårtensson and Lucas Heinel
Cinematography by: 
Jihan Casquejo
Release Date: 
Sunday, March 29, 2015
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