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A renowned writer of romantic novels is asked to write a murder mystery by his publisher. Being a writer from his deeds, his novels have always been stories from his real life romantic liaisons and it begins to get difficult to write the plot as he has never witnessed murder in his lifetime. On vacation to a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh, he meets a couple who take the initiative to inspire his writing pursuits.

Based on the legendary Satyajit Ray and his detective series Feluda, Ray indulges in the fear factor of fiction turning true. It is now just a matter of time when the final scene will be written and may be the author himself will become the fiction.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Arnab Riingo Banerjee
Writers: Arnab Riingo Banerjee
Producers: Bajrang Lal Agarwal
Key cast: Saswata Chatterjee, Tina Mukherjee, Kaushik Chakraborty

Total votes: 802

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