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The film is about two neighbours Nurdan , a Bulgarian refugee, and Ibrahim, a Iraqi refugee at a rainy night. Nurdan's son doesn't show up in the evening, so she looks for for her son everywhere and but she can't find him. She assumes that his son may have been kidnapped and suspects from Ibrahim. She goes to police station and lodges a compliant against him. The police realises that there is a misunderstanding and helps to find the boy in a short time.

English subtitle: 
Screenings / Awards: 

ü  TheMinistry of CultureandTourism General Directorate of CinemaShort Film ProductionSupportAward, Ankara/TURKEY

ü  10. JCI Istanbul Crossroads International Short Film Festival The Best Actress Award, 2015 İstanbul/TURKEY

ü  22. Adana Golden Boll Mediterranean International Short Film Competition Finalist, 2015 Adana/TURKEY

ü  66. Berlin International Film Festival 'Turkey Stand Selection', 2016 Berlin/GERMANY

ü  27. İstanbul International Short Film Festival Finalist, 2016 İstanbul/TURKEY

ü  International  Balkan Film&FoodFestival  Short Film Competition Finalist, 2015 Pogredec/ALBANIA

ü  1. National Bursa Short Film Festival Finalist, 2015 Bursa/TURKEY

ü  Athens International Digital Film Festival Finalist, 2015 Athena/GREECE

ü  Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne Official Selection, 2015 Melbourne/Austuralia

ü  Barcelona Planet Film Festival  Official Selection, 2015 Bercelona/SPAİN

ü  Artsfool Video Festival Finalist, 2016, Larissa/GREECE

Total votes: 2023

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