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Puzzle Negro

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: J.G. Prado

Writers: cristobal valenzuela, francisca hermosilla

Producers: juan guillermo prado

Key cast: Juan Pablo Miranda, Lucy Cominetti, Maria José Bello, Julio Jung, Gabriel Urzúa, Víctor Montero


Director: J.G. PRADO

Chilean Juan Guillermo Prado is a founder of cine1 company, filmmaker with 10 years of experience producing, executing and shooting audiovisual projects. His areas of expertise range from research and contents generation to final delivery through tv, advertising, films, fiction and documentary. He is currently CEO at Production Company.

Director’s Statement

work and enjoy...


Screenings / Awards: 
  • Fecils Film Festival

    La Serena, Chile
    August 20, 2015
    special mention of jury

Total votes: 2742

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