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Portrait of a young woman


Misungui is Marion's pseudonym. Her identity is built on sensual or startling pictures that abound on social networks. In queer Parisian circles, she is famous for her erotic and situationist performances. In "real life", the young libertarian feminist lives as a squatter, as she waits for the opportunity to carry out another self-managed project somewhere else. In the meanwhile, she tries to link together precarity and invention, intimacy and politics. In filming Misungui's cinematic portrait, I intend to portray a person's quest for emancipation and its contradictions. And through Marion's eyes, look deeper into several issues of an epoch in crisis.


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Directors: Stéphane arnoux Writers: Stéphane Arnoux Producers: Hélène Rosiaux Key cast: Marion Roussey / Misungui

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