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Pleasant Betrayal


Mithila and Sabuj love each other. Sabuj is unemployed and a bit foolish by nature. Akash of the same village loves Mithila. Akash is smart and good job holder. He tries to separate Sabuj from Mithila’s life. Mithila gives reminder to Sabuj for hunting job but Sabuj does not find any way of source of income. Since Mithila’s father will not give Mithila to any unemployed bridegroom in marriage so realizing the reality Mithila develops relation with Akash. Akash and Mithila married to each other and Mithila’s father recognized their relation.

11:07 min
English subtitle: 


Directed by: 
Md.Ariful Islam
Writing credits: 
Md.Ariful Islam Natore Film Society Presents Produced by Dhushor Shopno Cinematography: Editor: Background Music Scale: Md.Ariful Islam Production Manager: Rocky Art Director: Sound: Pinki Food: Nishat Tasnim
Cast: Alamin, Afnan Nodi (Rima), Rokib, Sumi, Saiful, Tisha, Abdul Mannan, Dulal, Rudosi, AB Siddik etc.
Produced by: 
Md.Ariful Islam
Cinematography by: 
MD Mizanur Rahman
Film Editing by: 
Salim Hossain
Art Direction by: 
Emon Molla
Release Date: 
Friday, October 2, 2020
Total votes: 336

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