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The plague at the Karatas village


A young mayor Aibek is sent from the City to manage a remote village named Karatas.

He is fresh and full with ideas and strategies how to improve the life of Karatas’ inhabitants.

But the locals do not like him that much. They hide a lot of things from him and are not very talkative.

It is clear that some strange epidemic disease reins over the village – and the symptoms are those of the plague.  

However the locals try to convince a new chief that this is just a new kind of grippe or flu.

A young mayor starts his own investigation and finds out that over hundred years the village is attacked with the plague. But the local authorities just waste all the money they ask as for an anti-flu or anti-grippe vaccination. And they never report the plague, because they do not find any profit for them to stop the plague.  

The inhabitants are used to live like this. They feel that without the plague they risk to assimilate with an ordinary town and so to lose their own culture.  

The plague here in Karatas is like a protection and guard of traditions and prejudices. 


A struggle that a new mayor tries to carry against the plague becomes actually the fight against the old order of life. 


English subtitle: 
Screenings / Awards: 

World premiere - Rotterdam IFF (January 2016) / NETPAC award, ZERKALO IFF, Taipei IFF, Lima Independiente Film Festival, KINOSHOCK FF / Grand-prix & Critics Award, EURASIA IFF - Best Director Award, Warsaw IFF, Volokolamskii rubezh, Golden Tower Festival, Yakutsk IFF (Special Sponsors Award), LISTOPAD IFF.  

Total votes: 975

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