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Piscina (Pool)


On a quest to understand her grandmother's past, Claudia meets Marlene, an old woman who's created an homage to her memories inside an empty pool.

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'Pool' is about gay persecution during the Nazi period and the achievement of LGBT civil rights in contemporary History.


Claudia decides to investigate her grandmother's past, who recently passed away. Through a letter, she comes to Marlene, an old German lady who lives in Brazil and keeps her memories inside a pool without water. During the visit, the old lady reveals details of her life that intersect with Claudia's grandmother's past, a German fugitive of the 2nd World War.

Screenings / Awards: 

Official selections: 

- 22nd Palm Springs International Short Fest – California/USA – Jun/2016.

- Cinema Diverse LGBTQ Film Festival – California/USA – Sept/2016.

- Monaco International Short Film Festival /France – Sept/2016.

- 39th Mill Valley Film Festival – California /USA – Oct/2016.

- 6th Film Fest Homochrom – Cologne-Dortmund /Germany - Oct/2016.

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