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“Pencil” is a dialogue less psychological drama film which is a reflection of truth for the whole world. An artist couple is presented here where both of them are painters. One day some rapist entered into the home, raped the lady and murdered her atrociously. Since then the male counterpart, whenever he learns any news of rape, he finds out the rapist and kills him. Through the heart-burning and psycho-graphic change that takes place in man at the death of the girl the director here symbolically depicted the mental condition of the near and dear ones of the victim. In this film the girl is the representative of the womenfolk across the globe. Here dream sequence is an intellectual montage which is depicted here through theatrical treatment and through this, the global existing condition of women is presented where the girl is the representative of the womenfolk across the globe. Theoretical approach is widely used in the visualization of the film that makes different meanings in symbolic form.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Romen Rumi
Writers: Romen Rumi
Producers: Saiful Hasan Shemoul
Key cast: Shahadat Noman , Farzana Mishu

Total votes: 580

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