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Early morning, many people are heading towards a wedding hall, Youcef, a peddler, Salima a labour in the kitchen, Sonia a singer.

They all have reasons to attend the marriage of Kamila and Khaled but all have different motivations.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

A low budget film but with strong content on female and youth situation in Algeria nowadays.

Sport people and urban culture people will love it.

Screenings / Awards: 

Market Screening (TIFF, Toronto, 2019),

17th RCB (Rencontres cinematographiques de Béjaia, Algeria), 2019,

41th CIFF (Cairo international film Festival, Egypt), Arab Competition, 2019.

Released in theaters in Algeria on October 19th, 2019.

Information for theatres: 

The DCP of the film is ready.

It is stored in a hard disk that can be read by all DCP machines (Interop).

Image: 1.85, definition : 2K ; sound: 5.1level : 6.5 but can be rised to 7.0 if the theater is big and full house.

With english subtitles.

Only problem the gamma of the film is lowr than the DCP reader level (2.4 for the film, 2.6 for the DCP reader), 

Distribution budget: 
To be found if necessary for promotion
Directed by: 
Fatma Zohra Zamoum
Writing credits: 
Fatma Zohra Zamoum
Adila Bendimered, Nazim Halladja, Houda Hachemi, Mohamed Bounoughaz, Nadjia Laaraf, Redouane Nehar, Lali Mansour, Mohamed Brik Chaouche, Abdelrahim Bouarour, Loubna Boucheloukh, etc.
Produced by: 
Fatma Zohra Zamoum
Music by: 
Farid Belhoul
Cinematography by: 
Youcef Benallègue
Film Editing by: 
Maéva Dayras and Fatma Zohra Zamoum
Set Decoration by: 
Mohamed Brik Chaouche
Costume Design by: 
Loubna Boucheloukh
Other crew: 
Nadjib Lamraoui (sound), Aissa Moulai (sound design and mix), Christophe Legendre and Mehdi Ouardi, Halim Mekhancha (VFX).
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Official website:
Total votes: 776