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Orchids Never Die


My film ‘Orchids Never Die’ is about three generations of women embodied by my grandmother, my mother and I. It deals with a reflection on roots and the haunting legacy we inherit from previous generations and how we cope with it in our own lives. Being very close to my mother and grandmother and as my psychological inheritance largely comes from this lineage, I decided to make this film a women story about strength, love and transmission. My passed-away grandfather was a very violent man whose furiousness echoed in my life although I barely knew him. Indeed, even though he died when I was five years old, I feel that I grew up with his shadow casting over me through my mother’s education and what she mostly told me about him.This film is both an investigation back up my roots and an ode to love.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This is a very low budget film which I almost entirely made myself. I'm currently raising funds for professional color grading and sound mix.

Directed by: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Writing credits: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Odile Martinez de La Grange Isis de La Grange Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Produced by: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Music by: 
Victor Martinez de La Grange
Cinematography by: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Film Editing by: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Casting by: 
Olivia Martinez de La Grange
Release Date: 
Monday, January 23, 2017
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