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At One Fell Swoop


At One Fell Swoop deals with a stone carver and his metamorphic wander through rural Ireland. In passing he slips through the film’s frames into a re-imagining of his surroundings in which he finds himself trapped on an intense cataclastic path towards a dead end.

Photographed on expired 16mm black and white film and entirely hand-processed, At One Fell Swoop resembles a phantom-like film lodged amid multiple stratums of time and space.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Michael Higgins
Writers: Michael Higgins
Producers: Michael Higgins
Key cast: Cillian Roche, Paddy Dean, Cynthia Morán Killeavy, Trevor Darcy, Muireann Cullan, Roisin Furlong

Total votes: 2041

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