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Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man's drama to another, a lowly dollar bill, "one buck" takes us on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana. Along the 
journey of "one buck", we encounter Harry who is immersed in a downward spiral brought about by the sudden and violent death of his wife. In its transitions from each hopeless hand to 
another and each desperate character to the next, "one buck" bears witness to different facets of irresistible vice enticed by money. If money could talk, this is its disturbing tale of the dark side and of moral disintegration in society. Harry's self destruction is the highlight of the stories and his demise serves to be his redemption.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

My name is Fabien Dufils. I am the writer, producer and director of the feature film titled “One Buck”. 

The initial concept revolves around money and the part it plays in aspects of our society. We follow the journey of a dollar bill in a remote region of America by highlighting characters in conflict, in need, in violence, struggle, misery, insecurity and vice. 

The film couldn’t be more current and relevant, given that the world revolves around money. The dollar is certainly the most coveted subject in our society knowing that it has the power of life and death over almost 90% of the planet. 
The dollar is the most widespread currency in the world, and the "One buck" is the most frequently exchanged bill. Being the smallest value banknote currently in the United States, nicknamed the greenback, with its face bearing the image of former US President George Washington, and the symbol of the dollar. To give you a figure, it represents 41% of bills present in the United States. 

To avoid falling into the category of a documentary film, but rather a fiction, I directed "One Buck" as a puzzle movie where the characters will evolve next to one another, intersect, hate, love, and sometimes with dangerous challenges. 

All of my stories that intertwine are inspired by real events. I spent several months doing research prior to building the gallery of characters; I went alone to scout the region and to be in complete immersion in North Louisiana. It was six months before the start of filming, an important step, I was sleeping in unsanitary motels, I was hanging out in bars and through word of mouth getting connected to the people living there. I had some great encounters while visiting the area and I was able to finalize the script through this process and experience. I had secured almost all my shooting locations 6 months before filming


Screenings / Awards: 


NEW SELECTIONS (Work in Progress)
-11th Manhattan Film Festival 

- Hollywood film competition


Los Angeles Film Awards

- Best Feature

- Best Director Feature

- Best Actor for John Freeman

Festigious Film Festival in Los Angeles

- Best Feature
- Honorable Mention for John Freeman
- Best Director Feature
- Best Cinematogrpahy for Stephane Vallee
- Best Narrative Feature


LAIFFA (Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards)

- Best Feature All Genre 
- Best Director Feature


HIMPFF (Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival)

- Best Feature All Genre 
- Best Director Feature


CALCUTTA (International Cult Film Festival)

-Outstanding Achievement Award
- ACTOR Awards 
- Best Actor for John Freeman
- Best Actress for Katye Ryan
-Best Ensemble
-Best Supporting Role for Will Green
Directed by: 
Fabien Dufils
Writing credits: 
Fabien Dufils
John Freeman, Katie Ryan, Cassi Colvin, Will Green, River Faught, Darren Kendrick, Peter Tahoe, Michael DeArmond, Kassandra Kanaar, Lindsay Castillo, Charlotte Bjornbak, Joe Brooks Jr., Jonathan Micheal Butkovsky, Melissa Schumacher, Raylee Magill, Tony Sallemi, Robin Zamora
Produced by: 
Fabien Dufils Bassam Abdallah
Music by: 
David Imbault
Cinematography by: 
Stéphane Vallée
Film Editing by: 
Olivier Wicki
Casting by: 
Michael Marks
Set Decoration by: 
Romain Mignon
Costume Design by: 
Nnenna Dufils
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Official website:
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