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Now or Later


Now or Later is a tale of a Shabbos Goy. Elise, a young Hasidic woman and Mike, a young black man start an unlikely relationship, after one day Elise’s mom Ruth, drags him into her home to help with forbidden tasks on Shabbat.

Information for the Audience: 

This is Mara Kassin's directorial debut. MARA KASSIN is an actress, producer, and proud mom of three boys. Mara co-produced Shawn Christensen's CURFEW, which won the 2013 Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film. Mara starred in and co-produced, GRANDMA'S NOT A TOASTER, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and went on to win many other festivals. Mara’s recent stage work includes plays by Halley Feiffer, Heidi Schreck, Anna Ziegler, Brooke Berman, and Caroline McGraw. Recent film credits include CUL DE SAC, BEFORE I DISAPPEAR, TINY THINGS, F*it Club's BABIES, and ROOTZ. She works closely with the F*it Club and is a founding member of Splinter Productions. 



Screenings / Awards: 

Now or Later Film Festival Acceptances:
The Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest
SHORT to the Point
Boynton Beach Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival
North Beach American Film Festival 
Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest
Jewish Motifs International Film Festival
Fastnet Film Festival

Directed by: 
Mara Kassin
Writing credits: 
Mara Kassin Story by Mara Kassin & Dan Pearson
Mara Kassin, Matthew Murumba, Elena McGhee
Produced by: 
Dan4Entertainment, Mara Kassin & Dan Pearson
Music by: 
Jay Lifton
Cinematography by: 
Ron Egozi
Film Editing by: 
Ashley Roby
Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 2987