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A Nobody Wang Dadong


Aged 48, foundryman Wang Dadong was accused by an eighty-year-old lady of raping her who lived in a same village. He was soon arrested and paraded on a truck with a sign that said "Rapist". Thousands of people gathered along the street. Police declared Wang a rapist in a public rally and detainded him in prison... A few days later, procuratorate acquitted Wang of the charge. After his release, he sufferd from people's discrimination, family disruption and got kicked out of his clan. In the next 21 years, Wang has been on the run trying to redress this fabricated case and rehabilitate his reputation, but all his efforts were for nothing. Now, his name is on the "Red Notice" of trouble-makers. Those who fabricated this case have been retired, transferd or promoted. But Wang is still on his endless way of seeking justice.
"Lost my reputation, I lost everything." said Wang Dadong.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: 导演
Writers: 编剧
Producers: 老虎庙新闻视频工作室
Key cast: Wang Dadong

Total votes: 347

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