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Nobody Talks About Us


Erol Aydemir is a small store owner. He sells wedding candies and inivitations etc. After his father's death Erol takes full reposibility of the store. He is not very successfull but he keeps going somehow. Eventhough he gives 'moral speeches' to his workers (Ozer-Duygu) all the time, he almost always talks behind their backs. Ozer and Duygu get closer after awhile and they start criticize him frequently. Erol blames Ozer and Duygu almost every problems like pressure of the creditors, slow sales, tax notifications etc. Ozer gets angry and angry about the current situation.

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Directors: Mehmet Fatih Desteguloglu


Producers & Writers: Mehmet Fatih Desteguloglu, Yucel Yuksel


Director Of Photography: İbrahim Demir


Art Director: Atilla Çelik


Key cast: Yucel Yuksel, Omer Faruk Yıldırım, Songul Oztoprak, Deniz Sal, Ebru Kaynak, Ozgur Ozcan, Basak Koyuncuoglu


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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-10-15 Shooting format: Digital Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 3365