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Never be Clever


Wouter (37), who suffers from autism, loves to draw erotic comics.
Together with his brother, who makes paintings of large and dark landscapes, he lives with his parents in a secluded farm house. Wouter is fascinated by the MTV animated series of ‘Daria Morgendorffer’.
Throughout the years the character Daria became a big influence in his work. As he begins to publish his comics online, the more prejudices people begin to develop against him. Wouter is becoming aware of the image he presents because of his work, but he has his own way to put these in perspective.

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Screenings / Awards: 


2015 | TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival

2015 | Docfeed Documentary Festival | Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2014 | Szczecin European Film Festival | Szczecin, Poland

2014 | Celludroid Anime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film Festival | Cape Town, South-Africa

2014 | Autismeweek | Filmtheater Lingefilm | Geldermalsen, The Netherlands

2014 | Filmtheater De Fabriek | Zaandam, The Netherlands

2014 | 'We Speak Here' Online Film Festival | Culture Unplugged

2013 | Beeld voor Beeld Documentary Film Festival | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 | Chassé Theater | Breda, The Netherlands


2015 | 'Best Short National Production' | Docfeed Documentary Film Festival | Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2015 | 'Documentary Of The Month' | TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival

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Student project: Yes
Completion date: september 2013
Shooting format: HD Cam 
Aspect ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Film color: In Color
First-time filmmaker: No

Distribution budget: 
5000 euros
Total votes: 3897