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My Home, Singapore?


Neil is your typical young adult, only with two homes - he was born in India but raised in Singapore. This luxury is to change when he receives his enlistment letter for Singapore's mandatory 2-year military National Service (NS) and has to choose whether to serve to preserve his Permanent Residence (PR) in the country that raised him, or give up his PR to return permanently to the country he was born in. Neil finds himself with the tall order of having to prove which place he truly calls home.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

"My Home, Singapore?" is a very personal short film for both Shikhar and I. As former Permanent Residents (PR) who turned Singaporean, we know the struggle that surrounds figuring out our identity. Growing up in Singapore, we believe we are truly Singaporean but having migrant parents from India means that necessarily, we have elements of the Indian identity. This constant struggle to find home and belong was epitomized when each of us received our enlistment letter for National Service. Having to make that important decision - whether to serve or not serve - forced us to consider what was truly important to us. Whether it was to save the two years and get ahead in terms of our education and career, or to retain the right to live in Singapore.

Many in Singapore have faced or are facing this struggle, and I hope that this film gives them a chance to have their feelings represented on screen. I also hope it gives other Singaporeans an opportunity to witness a very different experience from their own and to reconsider what the Singaporean identity entails. I wish that international audiences will come with an open mind when watching this film and will leave with a deeper understanding of Singapore.

Directed by: 
Shrey Bhargava Co-Directed by Celeste Tan
Writing credits: 
Shikhar Gupta Shrey Bhargava
Uday Duggal Charan Singh Tania Mukherjee Ria Bhargava Jiang Peicun Benson Pang Iliya Izzudin Jonathan Lim
Produced by: 
Fabian See
Music by: 
Andrew Fordham
Cinematography by: 
Fabian See
Film Editing by: 
Fabian See
Casting by: 
Shrey Bhargava
Production Design by: 
Shrey Bhargava
Art Direction by: 
Shrey Bhargava
Set Decoration by: 
Shrey Bhargava
Costume Design by: 
Shrey Bhargava Celeste Tan
Makeup Department: 
Christina Liew K Keerthana
Production Management: 
Hidayat Malik
Other crew: 
1st Assistant Director - Shikhar Gupta Production Sound Mixers - Nigel Gomes, Shikhar Gupta Sound Engineer - Anand Krishna
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Total votes: 9320